"Zeke the Lion"
Zeke has olive green German glass eyes and a hand-stitched chocolate-colored Perle cotton nose.  His paw pads are a caramel-colored suede.   And if you look closely, you can see a couple of his long whiskers. 

Zeke  is certainly not the cowardly lion on his way to see the Wizard, but he does promise not to growl too loudly or scare anyone.  In fact, he is quite tame and a good friend to the bears and bunnies he lives with.   He's king of his domain but rules with a soft furry paw.   

Zeke  is about 14"  tall but he is designed to sit with his legs slightly bent and in that position he is about 10" high.  His body is a short-haired caramel-colored mink fur and his beautiful mane is fox fur.  The tip of his tail is also fox fur. 




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Artist designed and created teddy bears by Jane Woodard of Heir Bears. Midi to large sized teddies made of real recycled furs made from grandma's coats. mohair, synthetic, ultrasuede, mink, beaver, fur, real fur, recycled furs, grandma's fur, coats, vintage coats, rabbit fur, bares, keepsakes, keepsake, teddy bear, bears, teddies, toys, collectibles, artist, bearmaker, bear crafter, minis, bear artist, jane woodard, jayne, jaine, wooderd, woodard, Lana Rickabaugh, miniatures, grafix gurl, graphics girl, graphix Grrl, Steiff, Stieff, Hermann, Herman, teddy bear shows, bear show, collect, collectibles, toy, toys, collectible, heirloom, stuffed, stuffing, jointed, joints, glass pellets, plastic pellet, steel pellets, glass eyes