"Victoria" is a stately mohair bear dressed in vintage clothes.  She is approximately 32" tall but is designed to sit.  Her legs are bent to make that easier for her.  She is seen here sitting in an antique child's rocking chair (not included).

"Victoria" wears an antique child's christening dress and an antique black straw hat accessorized with a dark velvet ribbon, some vintage flowers and a few ostrich plumes.  She wears a lovely cameo pin and several strands of pearls (costume jewelry).  Her shawl is burgundy with a raised velvety design and lots of fringe.  She even carries a lovely Victorian style bag.


"Victoria" is fully jointed with locknuts, screws and disks.  She has black glass eyes and a hand-embroidered Perle cotton nose.  Her paw pads and foot pads are a matching beige felt.  She is firmly stuffed with hypoallergenic polyester fiberfill.   

"Victoria" is based on a design by well-known bear artist, Steve Schutt.



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